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Andalou-Dog live shows are quite different from a standard music concert. 
We like to involve you into a 360 degrees music experience, making it an "immersive music show". 
We are not afraid of using dancers and actors while you'll still feel at a rock concert 
(eg. forget about musicals and think of "Stop Making Sense" from Talking Heads)

Tour dates for 2018 will be soon released, in the meantime you can :




    “For me it was more a concert, I found the dancer like if he was a part of Andy , it was touching. I remembered a weightless    atmosphere” Lara

“I think the dancer and actor enhanced the overall performance, and definitely kept an engagement with the audience. The visual performances complimented the music and added a drama to the overall experience.” Emma


“I felt it was more like a theatrical experience….

It wasn’t a traditional gig at all.

All the elements surprised me as a viewer,

plus the setup on stage made it more theatrical.

But  I wouldn’t say that It was 100% purely theatre…

It felt like a combination of both..

However I still felt the singer emotions were authentic.

Great show!”







     “The concert irradiatied emotions and the theatrical interventions were working well with it.

               I’ve never seen a show of this kind. It was quite something.”       Mike

“When an actor came to us to talk in the foyer of theatre, I never imagined that it would have meant the beginning of the overall experience. At the very end of the concert all of a sudden, everything that happened before made a lot of sense. A very clever and well structured experience drenched of emotions” Johnny

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